What our clients say about us

"Kevin is a very astute expert on financial planning and investments. He prepares his recommendations clearly and with great precision."
- Edward Carels, Ph.D. Acting CEO at Addiction Recovery Resources

"Kevin did a great job for me. He's a highly skilled professional. He worked diligently with me to get me on the right path.” 
- William "Bill" Craddick, Plant Manager

"I've known Kevin for years now and I would highly recommend Mr. Brunner for Wealth Management Strategies. I feel his experience owning and operated his own businesses aside from Brunner Financial has provides a very valuable and unique insight when working with clients as he can see their goals, issues, and objectives through their eyes allowing him to provide a strategic analysis, as well as, consultative and best practice recommendation for his high net worth individuals and family offices alike. I've further had the pleasure to see him perform in person through the many meetings we've been in and clients we've worked with and as far back as my SoCal Real Estate days. If there is one professional with a stellar track record, acute business insights
and cutting-edge Wealth Management Strategies, Kevin Brunner is him.”  
- Mario Nick Gallo, Commercial Real Estate Professional - Investments 

"Kevin is a pleasure to work with. My experience has found him to be highly conscientious and thorough with excellent follow up skills. I recommend Kevin for any business relationship that you may be pursuing.”  
- Bruce Nelson

"I had the pleasure of doing business with Kevin Brunner and was very impressed with his financial management knowledge. He presented very creative financial management plans and options to invest in innovative financial and insurance solutions to help you make wise decisions on your long-term goals."
- Neftali Fernandez

"During the time I have known Kevin he has displayed that he is a hard working person with ambitions to achieve his vision. His enthusiasm, commitment, and persistence are readily apparent. He values fairness and mutual success, which are valuable and enjoyable. I found Kevin to be easy to work with and he very clearly explains the pros and cons to financial options that are available. I would have no problem recommending a conversation with Kevin regarding long terms and objectives, you will probably be very surprised and pleased."
- Robert Medaris

"It's been a pleasure to work with and get to know Kevin. He is a hard-working individual whose ambition to achieve his vision, as well as his enthusiasm, commitment and persistence are readily apparent to all who meet him. He values fairness and mutual success, which makes for valuable and enjoyable long-term relationships."
- Janey Tarpein, Senior Manager, Strategic Operations Implementation

"During the time I have known Kevin, I have known him to be a values-driven businessman with only the best interest of his customers and fellow business associates in mind. Kevin is a driven, high powered, well-educated individual that can truly make a difference in one's organization as well as an individual's personal growth. I would not hesitate to recommend Kevin in any business or personal venture." 
- Douglas Aloff

"Kevin's demonstrated himself to be an expert in wealth planning and financial strategies. Kevin's approach is refreshing in that he operates with his customers' best interests in mind, and he takes the steps necessary to educate them. Kevin's sound value system, integrity, and expert knowledge make him a professional I'd recommend to others."
- Jeffrey Duvall, Operations Supply Chain Manager

"I have found Kevin to be easy to work with and he can clearly explain the pros and cons of the many financial options that are open to you. He can also offer innovative alternatives for your consideration which will help you get a better focus to make informed decisions on your long-term goals."
- Michael Oldag, Development Engineer

"Kevin is a Financial expert who thinks outside of the box. This enables him to obtain customers needs." 
- Rudy Murrieta, Project Manager

"In my time working with and for Kevin, his hard work ethic was displayed in the long hours he put in at the office, as well as the research he conducted in order to provide the best strategy for his clients. Kevin has the ability to connect with a client because of his understanding of each individual client's needs. He has the ability to recommend financial strategies that align with their short-term cash flow needs and long-term financial goals. The thing I really like about Kevin is that he would rather sacrifice a high paying commission in order to provide a client with the best product. He is not a financial advisor, however, a strategist that helps build a client's wealth, as well as meet their retirement goals. His knowledge and experience allow him to build a retirement roadmap and advises the client
along the way." 
- Chris Clark Sr. Marketing Representative

"Kevin Brunner is the kind of financial manager and advisor you want to keep a secret, but only because you don't want to share his time or advice with anyone else. His approach is a breath of fresh air in a world of pushy, over-the-top salesmen. He knows his financial strategies are sound, can easily explain to even the most naive of clients why his financial devices work, and then lets you make your own decisions. He's approachable, friendly and low-key. When you want to stop worrying about retirement, have a sit down with Kevin and put your mind at ease."
- Christopher Woo, technology consultant
and Leader

"Kevin is an outstanding business and financial strategist. I was very impressed with his business background, knowledge and experience. He provided me with some excellent financial advice and guidance, which I believe will generate outstanding returns in the years ahead. I highly recommend Kevin to anyone in need of strong financial and/or retirement planning guidance."
- Andrei Poludnewycz, CEO
, and Owner at JobCrank Inc.

"Kevin Is a true professional in the field of arbitrage strategies, with tax benefits on contributions, tax deferral during asset growth and tax benefits upon withdrawal and how these strategies can be used for business and personal growth. I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for solutions in dealing with Financial Strategies for a Tax-Efficient Retirement "
- William Newcomer

"Kevin's approach to partnering with other companies is very unique. He is all about helping his partners put systems in place which create a WIN WIN for everyone. The questions he asks are very interesting and make you think about yourself, your personality, your vision, and what you are looking for in a partnership. Very interesting and unique way of approaching business!" 
- Mark Boersma, Owner, Synergy Solutions, Inc.

"Kevin did an awesome job increasing my wealth, lowering my taxes and building my online business. We will certainly work together again."
- Jason Pratt, Regional Operations Manager

"Kevin is the rare financial advisor who shows deep personal interest in his clients' specific circumstances and needs. He understands the market trends and how to optimize my investment portfolio to minimize risk and expenses, yet provide excellent returns. I know Kevin's primary motivation is his sincere concern about my financial success and his advice is always focused solely on my best interest."
- Jameson Garrett, Senior Business Development Manager for Aerospace

"Kevin Brunner is a top-notch financial strategist and insurance expert. I have had the pleasure of speaking with Kevin and he has stories and anecdotes that keep the crowd mesmerized. I highly recommend Kevin Brunner for any investment strategies that you may be pursuing in the future." 
- James Evanow, Professional Speaker/Trainer, and Sea Captain

"Kevin can explain the complex world of financial security in very simple and clear fashion. Moreover, he also has great ideas about how things should work. He is worth talking to just to learn about the industry."
- Steve Huang, MBA, Visual Communication Expert

"Kevin is an expert in his field putting his vast knowledge to work for the best interests of his clients. His years of experience and in-depth research put him at the top of his field. His friendly manner and common sense approach also make it easy to work with Kevin and understand his recommendations that will lead to a better financial future for his clients"
- Dave Peronto, Operations & Logistics Professional

"I have had the pleasure in working closely with Kevin. I appreciate the networking relationship that we have. Kevin is a true professional that goes beyond the basic job requirements. He is caring and takes the time with clients to ensure they are educated and informed of their decisions. Kevin is very knowledgeable in his profession and is a believer of collaborative teamwork. A definite pleasure to work with. I will continue to recommend Kevin to my clients, knowing they are in good hands and will be well taken care of. I would recommend Kevin to anyone and look forward to working with him in the future!" 
- Daniela Bliss, Mortgage Consultant & Loan Officer

"I've had the opportunity to consult with Kevin Brunner regarding tax-free investments to benefit my family in retirement, as well as my heirs.  He has developed a fantastic system that allows an investor to gain a better rate of return than other types of investments and to allow disbursements without a tax burden as well. I strongly recommend that you explore the program he has developed.  I was very impressed with his intelligence and knowledge of investing, tax law and how to work the system to your own benefit."
- Rich Hall, Business Consultant and Investor

"Kevin understands his business and the products. He can easily explain how very complex financial products work. He does his homework and research before making any recommendations. I believe Kevin acts in the best interests of his clients."
- Lyle Kan, Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning & Business Development

"Kevin is a straightforward, no-nonsense professional with boatloads of skills, abilities and experiences to share."
- Gary Metz, Vice President of International Operations

"Kevin is well versed in the financial industry and will do everything that he can to place his clients into their best financial position."
- BryanWhited MBA, PhD in Organization and Project Management