Kevin Brunner


"Retirement is about income, it is not about assets, because not all assets return the same income." Kevin quoted in Forbes Magazine 2015

Kevin is the author and creator of Model Q™ Retirement Income 

Additionally, Kevin is an expert in the use of the Installment Sale Trust or IST.  More on that CLICK HERE

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Kevin leads a team of professionals trained in the principles and strategies of Retirement Income Planning, Business Planning, Wealth Preservation, Succession Planning. Financial, Estate, Business, Tax Planning & Investment Protection

Kevin has been featured in Forbes Magazine, taught over 200 financial education seminars in 12 states and Europe, been a featured speaker and host of 'The Smart Money Hour' on KABC Radio, often a featured guest on Bloomberg Radio, and several regional financial radio shows.

Specialties: Business, Real Estate, Tax Advantaged Exit Planning, Laddered and arbitrage strategies, with tax benefits on contributions, tax deferral during asset growth, and tax benefits upon withdrawal, all greatly increasing your 'cash-on-cash return' without increasing your risk.

18+ years in Financial Services with a special focus on Doctors and Business Owners
30+ years of Business Consulting and Management, from 'start-ups' to 'turn around'

Financial Strategies for a Tax-Efficient Retirement
Tax Efficient Business Strategies
1031 Exchange Alternatives
Asset Protection
Business Exit Strategies
401k, 403b, Defined Benefit Plans, IRA & Roth IRA

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